"Since purchasing my Griips™ Glove only 10 weeks ago, I have bowled six 700-series and have just shot my 2nd 300-game! The Griips™ Glove truly is an amazing product!" 
- Kirk Johnson, Jackson, MI

"I'm a 230-average bowler and I am pretty leary about trying "gadgets". All in all, the Griips™ Glove is a very good product. It did improve my being able to repeat shots and it gave me a more consistent release. I was suprised to notice the hit power wasn't jepordized with the removal of my inserts. I'd have to say that the Griips™ Glove is a must have if you're serious about your game. It would not suprise me to see at least 7 out of 10 bowlers using the Griips™ Glove in the near future. Thanks for developing a high quality, innovative product." 
- Justin Ward, Arlington, TX

"The Griips™ Glove is a very unique glove that really cuts down wear and tear on the fingers. It also has great benefits from a release standpoint. It allows the fingers to stay in the ball longer creating for roll and hook for most players. I was worried at first that it would not stay in place during the release, I was way wrong! The Griips™ glove does not slide around helping you keep your release consistant from shot to shot." 
- Striking Advantage Pro Shop, Titusville, FL

"I got this Griips™ Glove about a week ago. I tried it this past Saturday and started off my first game with a 299! I used it again on Tuesday and went 222, 224, 265. This Griips™ Glove is great! It felt a little weird taking out my grips, but I figured I would give it a try, as I could always re glue them back in if I needed to. But after what I have experienced with using the Griips™ Glove with an effortless, consistent feel off the fingers, it's no more inserts for me. Thanks Marshall to you and your team for developing a great product. Where was this Griips™ Glove 20 years ago?"
-Derek Forkel

"The Griips™ Glove has been the best piece of equipment I've ever purchased for bowling. I'm bowling more consistently, especially during ball changes, as every ball now feels exactly the same. And, the 180 I've averaged for the longest time is now up around 220 since using the Griips™ Glove. My fingers also no longer hurt after a 3-game set. And, I now bowl in two leagues and bowl recreationally with my kids...pain free, which is great! Thanks for a fantastic product and for putting some enjoyment back in my game!"
Casper Linden Jr., Lorain, OH

"What I like most about the glove is that even though you felt the "grip" part of the glove on my fingers, I didn't feel my fingers at all--pretty much no wear & tear or strain on the fingers that I can tell--the fingers felt comfy "

"Rolled 800+ for 4 games yesterday with my Griips™ Glove. This glove is absolutely great on my first balls. More strikes than ever. My average is much less than the 207 average last night. I am convinced increased revs and increased pin action helped me again "-T.N.

"I'm an older guy and have trouble with my knees. I needed something that I could get a good feel with, and good lift, at the line since I can't bend as well as I used to. It seemed to help FABULOUSLY. " -J.H.

"I'm 54 and my fingers hurt in the joints only after a couple of games. However, since wearing the Griips™ Glove, I have bowled 15-17 games in a row on several occassions and I hardly have any pain whatsoever! Also, my consistency has definitely improved and thus, my scores have gone back up because I don't mind hitting with the fingers now. The Griips™ Glove has indeed enhanced and prolonged my bowling life!" - Ron St. Pierre, Rifle, Colorado

"This glove DOES help me with increased revs. That's one of the big advantages to this product over standard grips. And also, it DOES save on finger wear and tear. To me, it IS a MARVELOUS product. It IS stupendous, marvelous, and maybe even the best thing since sliced bread. I've now used over 100 games and my average is up over 15 pins. "-S.W.

"Absolutely awesome! Just recently was able to purchase one and bowled my best series in 3 years the first time I used it. Can't wait to use it in league this season." -W.O.

"Just got my glove. Awesome!!!!! I love it. Ordered another on the spot, as I know they will be hard to keep them in stock "-G.A.

"I really like the glove. After getting used to the feel, it's much more comfortable than anything I've used before, including no glove and standard grips. I can tell I get increased revs and more resulting pin action. "- L.B.

"It (Griips™ Glove) continues to work great for me. Bowled a 643 series last night, and my average is 178. It's been that way for me for nearly 2 months now." - S.N.

"I received the glove and tried it today and I am sold. I have tried just about every device out there. I have been struggling with finger burn and the Griips™ Glove was instantly comfortable to me. Thank you for developing a wonderful product and bringing it to market." 
-Keith Edelen, Chatsworth, CA

I have always been a 180's guy, but over the past 2 months have increased my average about 12-13 per game using the (Griips™) Glove. I do agree with both the increased revs claims, and certainly no wear and tear on the fingers. LAST NIGHT, I BOWLED THE FIRST 700 SERIES IN MY LIFE. It sure seems to have had a positive impact on my game. -L.B.