1. Is the GRIIPS™ GLOVE superior to finger inserts?




Perspiration build-up against the walls of the inserts or swollen or other related finger issues may result in an inconsistent release of the ball off the fingers, which then impacts ball roll.


During two (2) visits to the United States Bowling Congress' state-of-the-art InternationalTraining & Research Center, using independent bowlers, it was scientifically shown through their Computer Aided Tracking System (C.A.T.S.) that the GRIIPS™ GLOVE is superior to traditional inserts in providing the cleanest, most consistent release available! A cleaner, more consistent release is a more repeatable release, which can lead to more consistent ball roll.




The useful lifespan of inserts are not designed to last 300 games.


Designed to outlast and permanently replace finger inserts on the fly!  Extensive test results revealed the GRIIPS™ GLOVE consistently delivered an impressive 300+ games of bowling!  That’s more than three (3) league seasons, equivalent to over 4,500 shots!  Test results were based on an average of 5-8 games rolled per day @ 15 balls per game, 300-350 revs @ 17.5 mph.  When pushed to its limit, a GRIIPS™ GLOVE test prototype proved its durability and worth by racking up a staggering 372 games!  That’s over 5,500 balls rolled!




Not designed to ward off finger perspiration. Consequently, any perspiration on the inner walls of inserts could lead to squeezing the ball, tight-muscled swings, inconsistent ball control, ball release and ball roll and, inaccurate targeting. Without a remedy to keep fingertip perspiration in check, any of these problems will make it increasingly difficult to duplicate consistent shots frame after frame, game after game.



Designed to completely eliminate the devastating effects of perspiration! The no-slip, all-grip, 360º GripTip™ technology is applied to the business end of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE, providing you the optimal grip surface that maximizes ball control! You’ll immediately experience a substantially improved and sustained “feel”, resulting in a lighter, more relaxed grip, a more fluid arm swing, a crisper, cleaner and more powerful release on every shot and, improved target accuracy, all of which translates into a higher scoring potential!



Bowlers have been known to experience and endure various finger injuries.



The patented and revolutionary, 360º GripTip™ technology provides unmatched, comfort and protection to your fingers. Whether you bowl 3 games or a 10-game stretch, your fingers will feel like they’ve never touched a ball! Bowling can be competitive and still be fun without you having to accept or “get used to” battle-scarred fingers (i.e. blisters, calluses, torn nails or swollen fingers). With the GRIIPS™ GLOVE, you’ll save money, as you’ll be free from tape, nail files, antiseptics, bandages or blister treatment products normally applied to damaged fingers before, during or after competition. Investing in a GRIIPS™ GLOVE will prove to be your wisest investment; that is, if you value the two most important weapons… your bowling fingers!



Because changing lane oil conditions demands matching up with the right ball, inserts can wear and feel differently, depending on how much a particular ball has been used. This difference in feel during your approach and release off the fingers can become an unnecessary distraction and, possibly cost valuable pins in the process.



Our innovative, 360º GripTip™ technology ensures that during ball changes, you will experience an exact, consistent feel from ball to ball! This feature is critical, as you need to quickly react to changing lane oil conditions. Since properly reading and adjusting to lane conditions can be challenging enough by itself, why make your life difficult by having to simultaneously adjust to the feel of a completely different ball in your hand? Adjusting from one ball to another couldn't be easier. Using the GRIIPS™ GLOVE you'll experience the unprecedented, consistency of feel of the ball off your fingers, which will give you that edge over your opponent, who's fingers may require several frames of adjusting to a ball change.


2. I don't use inserts. Do I need to do anything special to my ball if I use the GRIIPS™ GLOVE?

Yes. If you are a bare-finger bowler, your pro shop operator can determine how much to enlarge your existing finger holes and will most likely recommend the standard size 31/32” drill, which is the most common size used when fitting the ball holes to accommodate inserts. However, if you have smaller fingers that fit our (Med) GRIIPS™ GLOVE, you might ask your pro shop operator to start by opening up your finger holes with the smaller 7/8” drill. If you have larger fingers that fit our (XL) GRIIPS™ GLOVE, your pro shop operator may determine to open your existing finger holes with a 63/64” drill. In short, the range for each size is as follows:

Medium 7/8” to 31/32”
Large 31/32”
Extra Large 31/32” to 1 1/32”

3. What if I use a Sarge Easter drilling? Do I need to do anything special to my ball in order to use the GRIIPS™ GLOVE?

You probably went to a Sarge Easter drilling to take some of the pressure off of your ring finger or to cut down on your revs. In order to take full advantage of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE, you will need to plug and re-drill your ring finger to the standard drill as though you were going to use inserts, which most likely will require a 31/32” hole for the ring finger. Using the GRIIPS™ GLOVE, you should experience a significant reduction in finger pressure, as the GRIIPS™ GLOVE does most of the work at the release point of the ball onto the lane. However, before deciding to revert back to a normal drilling, ask your pro shop operator if he/she has a test ball you can use to see if the GRIIPS™ GLOVE will accommodate your particular game.

4. How long does the GRIIPS™ GLOVE last?

Results will vary depending on how often one bowls, how one releases the ball, turns the ball, etc.  Test results on the GRIIPS™ GLOVE, which incorporates the patented no-slip, all-grip, 360º GripTip technology consistently held up for 300+ games; about three (3) league seasons!  Given that a full league season normally runs 33 weeks (total: 99 games), aren’t you deserving of a single, superior and reliable solution to maximizing ball control and scoring potential that continually performs like new throughout an entire season?

5. How will I know when it’s time to replace my GRIIPS™ GLOVE?

Though field tests and data have consistently shown the durability of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE to last 300 games or more, the useful lifespan of your GRIIPS™ GLOVE naturally depends on your bowling style and the amount of revs you put on your ball. All things considered, you will eventually notice a shiny smooth area begin to develop on the finger pad areas of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE. This is the result of the tremendous and violent friction placed on the business end of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE at the point of release on every single shot. Fortunately, for your fingers, all of this friction has now been transferred to the GRIIPS™ GLOVE, and no longer onto your most important two fingers used in bowling. Once this smooth, shiny area begins to develop, you should consider replacing your GRIIPS™ GLOVE, as the tackiness has begun to show signs of wearing away, resulting in an increasingly more slippery release of the ball off the hand. When you find yourself “squeezing” the ball or “grabbing” at the ball throughout your approach, it is time to replace your GRIIPS™ GLOVE.

It should be noted that the lifespan of your GRIIPS™ GLOVE can be significantly reduced if the inside walls and the top edges of your finger holes are not completely smooth and beveled. Any sharp edge or nick, either along the walls of the finger holes or along the top edge of the holes can and most likely will result in premature wear and tear of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE, as the strategically designed holes along the fingertips of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE may constantly snag or “catch” on any rough or sharp surfaces present. This will result in tears on the exterior surface of the high-tech fabric, which will expose and significantly reduce the effectiveness and lifespan of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE.

6. How long will it take me to get used to the GRIIPS™ GLOVE?

This will vary, of course, from bowler to bowler. Initially, you may experience an unfamiliar sensation, as the ball is released off the GRIIPS™ GLOVE and not off your bare fingertips. Getting used to this new sensation may take only a game for some and several games for others.  It’s important that you don’t give up after a few shots or even a few games, but rather, give this new sensation around your fingertips a chance to become the new, “natural”, normal feel. Break in the GRIIPS™ GLOVE just like you would a new bowling ball, pair of shoes or finger inserts. Aren’t you striving for maximum control? And, aren’t your two most important fingers deserving of maximum comfort?


7. Will I experience an increase in rev rate with the GRIIPS™ GLOVE?

The sure contact experienced between the business end of the patented, GRIIPS™ GLOVE and the sidewalls of the finger holes will promote maximum control of the ball throughout your approach and point of release, resulting in an increase in rev rate potential.

8. Will my bowling average improve if I use the GRIIPS™ GLOVE?

The GRIIPS™ GLOVE provides superior ball control throughout your approach, especially at the point of release.  Experiencing this cleaner, crisper release out over your intended target more consistently, more often, will naturally result in more marks, thereby contributing to an increase in scoring potential.

9. Will the GRIIPS™ GLOVE prevent my fingers from swelling?

Yes! The GRIIPS™ GLOVE was designed to prevent swelling around the tips of your bowling fingers…even after bowling many games per day! Uncomfortable, swollen fingers that are difficult to fit comfortably down in the finger holes of a ball, oftentimes leads to squeezing the ball with just the bare tips of the swollen fingers. This situation can result in an undesirable arm swing, poor release and, inconsistent rev-rate, leaving you with weak hits at best or, inconsistent ball control, missed targets and erratic scores at worse, not to mention, you’re still left with the memorable reminder of swollen fingers that are now more swollen at the end of competition. With the GRIIPS™ GLOVE, you and your fingers can still be the hero without your fingers looking like battle-scarred warriors.


10. Will the GRIIPS™ GLOVE prevent injuries to my bowling fingers?

The revolutionary design behind the GRIIPS™ GLOVE should significantly reduce the pain and battle scars associated with the bowling fingers, especially for high-rev players, those with sensitive skin or, those that bowl more games than normal. Though your thumb may take a beating at the end of an 8-game block, your bowling fingers will feel as though they’ve never touched a bowling ball! The “No pain, no gain, grin-and-bare it” mentality does not apply here. The game has enough pressure already built in. Why don’t you take some pressure off your fingers for a change and let the business end of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE take care of business for you?

11. Why should I switch out my finger inserts for the GRIIPS™ GLOVE when my rosin bag, towels and "stickum" works just fine?

You don’t really believe that, do you? To maintain ball control, especially at the release point, you have to constantly and religiously apply your stay-dry product to your hand before each and every shot, which means that you’re constantly throwing good money away on short-term, stopgap measures. Nevertheless, even the best bowlers sometimes lose control of the ball during the approach and point of release, usually occurring on that crucial shot. If your stay-dry products were really effective, you wouldn’t need to resort to it before each shot with a “just in case” attitude. If they do not and cannot completely eliminate the devastating effects of perspiration, is there a better solution? Yes. Block the source of perspiration! The GRIIPS™ GLOVE was precisely designed to immediately take perspiration out of the equation, providing you the ability to focus your complete attention on more important things, like consistently hitting your target with the optimal ball release! Now, if you are one of those bowlers that spends time religiously wrapping your fingers with tape every time you shoe up, how many rolls of finger tape would you need to go through to match the mileage, functionality and value of investing in a GRIIPS™ GLOVE? Do the math.

12. How do I tell a right-handed GRIIPS™ GLOVE from a left-handed one?

The patented and innovative GRIIPS™ GLOVE is the first bowling glove of its kind that is interchangeable between right and left-handed bowlers of a similar hand size!


13. How do I determine the right size and fit of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE?

Our incredible GRIIPS™ GLOVE is available in three (3) sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large. To determine which size is the best fit, you should be able to pull the tips of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE completely over your fingers, exposing just the very tips of the fingers. The GRIIPS™ GLOVE should feel comfortably snug around the fingertips. If your enclosed fingers feel like the circulation is cut off or, if you are unable to expose the very tips of your fingers at the opening, consider a larger size. If you can pull the GRIIPS™ GLOVE over your fingertips with ease and, the tips feel loose and easily slide up over your fingers at the point of release, then you should consider a smaller size. 

Remember your physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If the GRIIPS™ GLOVE fits properly over your fingers, due to the violent release of the ball coming off of the fingers at the point of release, it is normal that the tips of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE might move ever so slightly and minimally up over the fingers. This is normal. Like other hand devices, it’s not unusual to slightly readjust the GRIIPS™ GLOVE around your fingertips after the ball is delivered. Twist the grips back down over your fingers as though you’re chalking a cue stick, reposition the rest of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE. The whole process should take less than 5 seconds. You can see and hear more about how to determine the correct size by viewing "Choosing the Correct Glove".

In addition, you want to ensure that you do not feel any “stretch” in your span when using the GRIIPS™ GLOVE. Though the feeling of bowling with a GRIIPS™ GLOVE may initially feel different, this is not the same as your span feeling stretched. The GRIIPS™ GLOVE was designed to snugly fit inside a 31/32nd diameter hole, which is the standard drill size for most finger inserts. After rolling a few balls wearing the GRIIPS™ GLOVE, if your span feels slightly stretched, stop immediately and discuss with your pro shop operator how best to correct this, as bowling should be fun, not uncomfortable or painful… under any circumstances. What’s important is that you just don’t give up after a few shots. Give this new sensation a chance to work and become the new, “natural” feel. Break in the GRIIPS™ GLOVE just like you would a new bowling ball, pair of shoes or finger inserts. Naturally, if you experience pain in your hand along the base of your fingers and palm while wearing the GRIIPS™ GLOVE, stop immediately until you and your pro shop operator can figure out the exact cause.

14. How do I wear the GRIIPS™ GLOVE?

First, hold the GRIIPS™ GLOVE with the GRIIPS™ GLOVE label side facing up. This side is positioned over the back of your hand. 

Next, loosen the glove strap to allow all 4 fingers to be inserted between the clamshell-design of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE. Note, you do not need to completely separate the strap from the D-ring. The GRIIPS™ GLOVE strap was purposefully and cleverly designed so as not to slip back through the D-ring, which would require you to constantly fiddle with trying to tread the strap through the ring. Do not position the strap over the back of your thumb. Position the strap over the crease that is between your thumb and forefinger. 

Next, slide your two bowling fingers inside the two finger sleeves. Pull on the surrounding fabric along the finger shafts, back of the hand and palm to assist in positioning the inserted fingers all the way to where the tips of the fingers are barely exposed and to where the GRIIPS™ GLOVE itself feels comfortable over the entire hand. You can see and hear more about how to determine the correct size by viewing "Choosing the Correct Glove".

Finally, secure the strap to the back of the hand in the middle, not over the knuckles of the hand. Prior to securing the strap though, position the D-ring along the outside edge of your hand or just along the outer edge of the fabric on the back of the hand. If the D-ring is placed in the middle of the back of your hand, it may result in an uncomfortable feeling. Once the D-ring is properly placed, secure the strap to itself. The GRIIPS™ GLOVE was thoughtfully designed to provide the bowler with maximum comfort, flexibility and choice. The strap can be threaded from either direction depending on your personal preference. For left-handed bowlers, you may enjoy the most comfort when the strap is threaded where the buckle is on the outer edge of your bowling hand. For right-handed bowlers, the opposite would apply. In addition, the thoughtfully-designed slits along the palm side of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE provides the bowler with the flexibility to position the strap over the part of the hand that is most comfortable.

15. Can I use my GRIIPS™ GLOVE with my wrist support device?

Yes. The sleek shape of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE was thoughtfully designed to fit comfortably underneath many “bionic arms” or wrist-support devices. Ask a friend or pro shop operator if you can test a GRIIPS™ GLOVE under your particular device to determine if it meets your expectations.

16. Prior to using the GRIIPS™ GLOVE is there anything I need to do to the finger holes of my bowling ball?

If you’re switching out of your existing finger inserts, prior to using the GRIIPS™ GLOVE, ensure that the rims and interior surface walls of your ball holes are completely smooth and free of glue residue and/or sharp edges. A sharp edge could significantly shorten the lifespan of the GRIIPS™ GLOVE.

If you bowl without inserts or if you’re drilling a new ball, tell your pro shop operator to drill or adjust your existing ball holes to accommodate inserts, which also accommodates the GRIIPS™ GLOVE. More than likely, your pro shop operator will use a standard 31/32nd drill. If you’re fingers are unusually small or large, discuss with your pro shop operator how much or how little to adjust the diameter of the holes to accommodate the GRIIPS™ GLOVE.  Also, ensure that the outer lip or edge of both finger holes are beveled.  This will prevent chipping around the outer edges of the holes.



17. Will the use of bowler's tape in the finger holes of my ball affect the performance of my GRIIPS™ GLOVE if used together?

No. As a matter of fact, if you prefer a tighter feel at the release point, you may find bowler’s tape to work to your satisfaction. If you discover a jagged edge either in or around one of your ball finger holes that you’re not able to immediately correct, try inserting a piece of white bowlers’ tape in the hole over the nicked area. Test results have shown, that in fact, this remedy will provide that smooth, contact surface necessary for an effective release, while reducing the premature wear and tear to your GRIIPS™ GLOVE.

18. Do I need to do anything special to my GRIIPS™ GLOVE to extend its useful life?

No. Just ensure that your ball finger holes and rim around the holes are smooth and free of rough edges and nicks. Also, don’t let your dog get a hold of the business end of your GRIIPS™ GLOVE. This will quickly shorten its useful life.

19. How do I clean or take care of my GRIIPS™ GLOVE?

You don’t. During test results, it should be noted that the body (not the business end) of one of our GRIIPS™ GLOVE prototypes exceeded 600 games! And, just to be on the safe side, please don’t toss your GRIIPS™ GLOVE in the washer machine, dryer, oven or, microwave.


20. Where can I purchase the GRIIPS™ GLOVE?

If you are a pro shop operator, please check our Distributor page to locate your distributor. If your distributor does not carry our Griips™ Glove line, please contact us directly. If you are an individual bowler, check with your pro shop to see if they carry our Griips™ Glove. Or, if you prefer, you may order directly from us through our online Store

21. Do you offer a warranty on the Griips™ Glove?

No, we do not warranty the Griips™ Glove due to damage resulting from wear and tear. In addition to vast differences in individual bowling styles and habits, the difficulty of determing the cause of damage is further compounded, due to the inability to calculate the actual number of games bowled, the condition of the finger holes during bowling, how the glove was cared for, etc.

22. If I purchase the wrong size Griips™ Glove from your online Store, can I exchange it?

Absolutely! An ill-fitted Griips™ Glove neither serves you nor our company. Prior to returning the Griips™ Glove to us, please contact our Customer Service Department for an "Authorized Return Number" (ARN). Once you have received an ARN, return the purchased Griips™ Glove within 7 days of receiving it, including all applicable shipping and tracking expenses and, complete in its original undamaged package, with original receipt enclosed, Once we have received the product, we will exchange it for a different size Griips™ Glove of your choosing in the same color as the original purchase.

23. If my purchased Griips™ Glove arrives defective, what should I do?

If you've purchased our Griips™ Glove from your pro shop operator or another outlet, please follow their procedures for product defects. If you purchased a Griips™ Glove direct from our online Store, prior to returning the Griips™ Glove to us, please contact our Customer Service Department for an "Authorized Return Number" (ARN). Once you have received an ARN, return the purchased Griips™ Glove within 7 days of receiving it, including all applicable shipping and tracking expenses and, complete in its original undamaged package, with original receipt enclosed, Once we have received the defective product and it has been confirmed as defective through no fault of the purchaser, we will exchange it for a new Griips™ Glove in the same size and color as the original purchase.

24. What is your return policy?

At Bowled Solutions®, we stand behind all of our products with a 100% Money Back guarantee. We are so confident that the Griips™ Glove will provide you with unparralled comfort and improved performance that if you are not completely satisfied with your results, please return your Griips™ Glove (in like new condition in its original packaging) within 10 days of purchase for a full refund. This is our promise and guarantee to you.

25.Is the Griips™ Glove approved for use by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC)?

Yes, the USBC Equipment Specifications Department officially recognizes the Griips™ Glove as acceptable for use in all USBC certified competition.

26. Why hasn't anybody thought of this idea before?

We have! At BOWLED SOLUTIONS® CORPORATION, we're working on other exciting, state-of-the-art solutions to positively impact your bowling experience. So, stay tuned. You'll be asking this question again.